Join our 2 hour Limo Party Ride

A new generation of party bus has arrived! JUVENAL LLC founder of MyLimoPool and MyLimoPool.com offers a revolutionary and unique formula for unforgettable party bus or limousine moments on the streets of RDU. Our objective is to make party buses and limousines for everyone!

Join us for a 2 hour ride in our Luxury Party Bus or in our School Party Bus and explore Raleigh Durham in an amazing atmosphere. Our hostess will be at your service with free snacks and drinks, as much as you want!

Our Shared Party is our most popular, affordable, and eco-friendly option! Simply book your Party and you’ll share one of our spacious Party Bus with other guest, made meetings on board and enjoy an atmosphere worthy of the largest nightclub and bar in Raleigh Durham.

MyLimoPool RDU Shared Party offer 6 different bus party tours, 2 hours Party One to meet everyone's tastes.

TeensTour, EveningTour, NightTour, AfterTour, BachelorTour, BacheloretteTour.

-Purchase 1 and more tickets (more than 10 tickets get a private party on MyLimoParty.com
-2 Hours minimum ( RDU rental titular minimum 4 hours)
-Unlimited snacks and drinks on all our rides
-Music on board (Bring your own music also available)
-Disco light on board
-You can bring your own alcohol reserved for over 21 years of age
-Bachelor/Bachelorette parties with 1 exotic dancer show included

After Work Tour RUD
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After a good day of work and if you want relax and spend a good evening with other people in a musical atmosphere conducive to ecchange and meetings, unlimited drinks.

Evening Tour RDU
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The evening party is a non-alcohol ride for those looking for something special. Jet through the City with this exceptional party and don’t feel like a tourist. We will visit many of the great sights RALEIGH city has to offer, all while you enjoy yourself at this VIP party with unlimited snacks and (non-alcoholic) drinks.

Night Tour RDU
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Are you looking for an alternative to go clubbing? You found it! The MyLimoPool Night party was created for people who love unusual experiences. Visit RALEIGH like a VIP, see cool sights and relax with our selection of unlimited snacks and (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) drinks. Flashy lights and dance pole included.

Bachelorette Tour RDU
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Are you looking for an unforgettable celebration for your bachelorette party? You have found the solution!! MyLimoPool has it all planned for you! Let us organize your bachelorette or bachelor party, with a 2 hour party bus in RALEIGH City, with unlimited alcohol. Enjoy a very hot show from our female or male exotic dancers, all in an amazing atmosphere.

Bachelor Tour RDU
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Amazing bachelor party all Inclusive! Are you planning an ultimate bachelor party in RALEIGH? Well, you found us. Your party will pull up to the city's liveliest hotspots while you are experiencing true VIP treatment with your boys. Enjoy a hot show of exotic dancer. Reserve your Bachelor party with us now!

After Party Tour RDU
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Get a crazy after party (+21 only) 2am it’s too early for you! You still have energy for make party with your friends, book your after party in the streets of Raleigh aboard our party bus and enjoy 2 hours of after party (2am to 4am). Pick up at MyLimoParty bus station or pick up at front your night club or your bar. Boarding at 145am No hard Alcohol inside the bus, you can bring your own Beer and Wine.


The first all-inclusive Party Bus service complete with a party atmosphere.
Tha plan is for Sharing the Party Bus.

Tours TeensParty EveningParty NightParty Bachelor
Description Go clubbing with no curfew with our parent approved party - without the parents. Not 21 yet? No worries! Go clubbing with MyLimopool with other people your age. A new way to party in RALEIGH – all inclusive!
Age 15-17 18+ 21+
Unlimited food
& drinks
Snacks, Water, Soda, Juice Snacks, Water, Soda, Juice,
Bring your own beverage, no hard alcohol
Alcoholic drinks party bus nyc party bus nyc party bus nyc party bus nyc
Program Club music Club music
Exotic Dancer
Duration After Work 2 hours
Additional hours available
Time 6.15PM 6.15PM-8.45PM 8:45PM-11:15PM

Boarding Time
15 minites before, bording time ends at 5 minutes before the bording time
<10% OFF!>
$35 $40 $55 $60
$40 $45 $60 $65
Personnel on board 1 hostess
1 driver
1 hostess
1 security staff
1 driver
1 hostess
1 security staff
1 driver
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Tour Map

We will pick you up at 324 S Wilmington St Raleigh, NC 27601 USA, drive through downtown Raleigh and more destination.


Large Party Bus Large My Limo Pool Bus Exterior
Large Limo Party Bus Interior My Limo Pool Bus Interior
Small Limo Party Bus My Limo Poolu Bus
Large Limo Party Bus Interior My Limo Pool Bus Interior
Large Limo Party Bus Interior Limo Party Bus Interior
Limo Party Bus Guests Limo Party Bus Guests
Limo Party Bus Guests Limo Party Bus Guests
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